Roller Derby

In 8 hours, I go to my first practice for roller derby. I’ve been excited all week but tonight I’m just plain terrified.

I’ve read the rules (which changed right after I read them), I’ve got all of my gear, and I’ve read articles about the training league I’m joining. I couldn’t be more prepared, but I can’t help feeling like I’m not going to be good enough. I’m worried that I will be the worst one there and will be told to just leave instead of wasting everyone’s time.

I’m fat and out of shape. I’m afraid that I’ll pass out or that I won’t be able to keep going while the rest of the girls skate laps around me. I will be the weak link and I know it.

I’m scared. I always seem to feel inadequate, but tonight is worse than normal. I can’t imagine how I’ll feel tomorrow when I walk into practice and see all of the skinny, muscular girls that will be trying out for teams with me in December.

I know I won’t make a team, I’ve come to terms with that fact (I need a LOT of work). My goal is to finish, to make it through the try-outs, but right now I just want to crawl into a corner and cry and give up.

So there’s my sad little “woe is me” aside. Hopefully I’ll feel better in the morning….

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Week Two – 7/23/12

I’ve been working on getting into this. First few weeks are always rough and now I’ve managed to get a stomach bug. I still managed to walk on Monday & Tuesday last week and went roller skating on Friday. Plus with the 103+ degree heat we’ve been having, the entire city has become a sauna so that’s been helpful. I know I’ve got a lot to do though.

Here’s what I’m at for the week:
Hips – 55
Waist – 45
Bust – 45


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Week One – 7/16/12

Current weight: 211

Hip measurement: 55
Waist measurement: 45
Bust measurement: 44


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My Road to Being Fit and a Roller Warrior!

This blog is to document my road to getting fit and my goal to be a Roller Warrior! I will post pictures as well as weight and measurements every week. If I have something I feel obligated to do, I’ll be better about actually working out and weighing myself.

I’ll also post about how my goal to be a roller derby girl is going.

So here goes nothing!

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